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Sans Plush - Undertale - with light and sound :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 25 2 Life size normal and shiny Mimikyu plush - minky :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 83 19 Custom verlisify mimikyu plush :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 61 32 Riggle 1m Plush - Dragon trainer Tristana LOL :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 79 16 Custom Shuckle plush :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 18 6 Kissing Luvdisc Plush Charms :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 28 4 Pikachu Snorlax Kigurumi Plush :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 56 5 Mimikyu Pack Halloween Series #1 :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 197 45 Halloween Mimikyu plushies Series #1 :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 236 56 cat Kuro plush - Servamp :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 97 15 Performage Plushfire - Yu Gi Oh plush :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 25 11 Squid sisters squid form - Splatoon :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 54 7 Life size Mimikyu plush - Pokemon sun and moon :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 1,294 200 Zero plush - Nightmare before Christmas :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 33 10 Hextech Tibbers plush - League of Legends :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 8 2 Kirara plush - AKB0048 :iconartesaniasiris:ArtesaniasIris 10 2



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Artesanias Iris
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
This account is only for plushies and other commissions made by us.
You can check our gallery to see all the plushies we have made, and feel free to ask us! We take commissions! We can either make new plushies or repeat the ones we have made.

If you want to contact us, you can comment on journals, deviations, private notes or ask via our facebook: or our twitter:

We are two engineering students who love pokemon and plushies over all!

Our personal accounts:

1 year?? Really?? Its awesome!!! We can't believe it's been a whole year since we made this account! Thinking that we have been making plushies seriously for a year and a half (before that we had only made a few plushies for ourselves), and there is already that much people who like our works... It fills us with DETERMINATION!

We are really thankful to all of the people who follow us, fav and comment our works and encourages us to keep working! All this support is awesome! 

Also thanks to all the ones who have commissioned us! We are working really hard on all the commissions 

We hope to put new plushies soon, and also hope that you keep loving our work ^^


Sans Plush - Undertale - with light and sound
6cfec529-8e8f-49a1-989d-f8fd31ef7a82 by ArtesaniasIris       84f9f57d-6389-456f-b526-344dc590103d by ArtesaniasIris       E3ffcb97-dfe9-43d3-8172-3175caa18870 by ArtesaniasIris      78c1e263-bf01-4026-afca-ac8b4a942049 by ArtesaniasIris      Ba034248-d065-4a7d-86d2-f913a8f9cb56 by ArtesaniasIris 

^Pictures of the details^

 This is a VERY OLD plush. We made it ONE YEAR AGO hahaha but we lost the photos because they were in a hard disk that we lost and finally found, so we could get the photos! 

This plush was a HUGE project. IT has lots of details:

- All the clothes can be removed
- It has a full hand sewn skeleton with lots of bones detailed
- When you press its torso, it sings "Megalovania"
- When you press its hand, the eye lights up

Now that we have improved our skills, we see many things that we could make better, but we are still so proud of him!! 

If you want to see the light  and sound in action, please watch this video:


No Preview

ATTENTION: If you want to commission us this plush, keep in mind that we cannot ship it outside Europe if you want it to have sound and/or light, since the batteries can't be removed and it is banned to ship items with batteries in them. HOWEVER there may be another shipping way, but probably more expensive, so if you are really interested on commission him with light and sound, you can ask and we could see what options we have ^^

Life size normal and shiny Mimikyu plush - minky
Mi by ArtesaniasIris normal                        Mimi by ArtesaniasIris shiny

Yes! YET ANOTHER Mimikyu version hahahaha

Many people has asked for a minky mimikyu (both normal and shiny) SO FINALLY we show them! And we bring it as a self Birthday present from one of us (in Spain it's already March 25th~~~) 

And we also show the shiny mimikyu! The colour is not the exact one we wanted to use but when we ordered the fabrics they didn't have the one we wanted in stock (we hope to soon get the colour we want, more similar to the actual shiny mimikyu from the games)

They are 20cm (pokedex size), it's full made of minky fleece with hand painted face.

ATTENTION: We will only make another shiny mimikyu using this colour since we do not have enough fabric cor more, but in the future we will be able to make more shinies with the new colour :)

Also, we will soon update our journal and share lots of new plushies!

Rememeber that if you are interested in a commission you can send us a not here, or a private message in facebook or twitter. 
Custom verlisify mimikyu plush
After TONS of troubles with shipping (it got returned to us TWICE because of different problems with the shipping) it finally arrived to its new home last week! We don't lie when we say the postal service gives a lot of problems and work horribly lately... But! Finally! This custom mimikyu met its trainer!

It was a commission made by Verlisify, an awesome person and American youtuber that was very patient and recieved the plushie with lots of love. Here you have the link to the unboxing video!
As you can see, it is bigger than the usual mimikyus we make.

This plush is 30cm tall, and it is made entirely of minky fleece, with a felt collar and hand painted face.

If you want your own mimikyu, remember that you can commission us anything!

Design by: :iconv-y-r-i-s-s:
Riggle 1m Plush - Dragon trainer Tristana LOL
Vv by ArtesaniasIris  Vvv by ArtesaniasIris  V by ArtesaniasIris 

^ Funny pictures to see the actual size of this lil' guy!^

Well, well, well!!! Here we bring you, our biggest project ever, and the commission that took us more time and effort to the date.

It is no one other than Riggle, Tristana's partner (and weapon) in her Dragon Trainer skin, from the game League of Legends (LOL)
IT is a plush made for cosplay, so the cosplayer needed it in 1:1 scale to her. IT IS MORE THAN ONE METER LONG!!!! About 120cm in fact!

It is completely made of polar fleece, with handpainted details. It has a LOT of them: open mouth(improved from the first one we made for our Rockruff plush), toungue, scales... The collar is not attatched to the body, so it can rotate freely through the dragon's neck. It even has a hidden pocket under its belt, where you can put a phone and purse! All the cosplayers know how hard is to bring those when on cosplay, hahaha!

IT was a really ambitious project, and we know it is not perfect and that it can be improved, but being the biggest plush we have made by far, and with this detail level, we are very proud of it.

Also, by its difficulty and size, we will NOT REPEAT IT. Also, shipping it outside Spain would be very, VERY expensive and risky. We could make a smaller one, or, as always, anything! ^^

We do NOT sell our patterns, since making the plushies is our work. Sorry!!
Custom Shuckle plush
Anyone thirsty? Drink the best berry juice from Shuckle!!

This is a custom color Shuckle, since the shiny one is blue and this one is purple. The commissioner asked it. 

This one is around 25-30 cm tall, and it's made of polar fleece, with hand-painted eyes and mouth.

If you are interested in a plushie like this or a custom one, don't forget to watch us and send a note for more information! 


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Two--Faced--Angel Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Since the Mimikyu plushie was so well made, I decided that I may just come to you for any plushies I may want XD
Do you take requests, like for lets say Ocs and such? :3 Because if I ever get more money to have you make an oc of mine, I'd totally ask you :3
ArtesaniasIris Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Ahhhh thanks a lot!!! We do take request, and with enough referece pictures we can make anything ^^
Two--Faced--Angel Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhhh That's awesome. You may hear me ask a request someday then :D
ArtesaniasIris Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Great. Thank youuuu
Wee-W0o Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
HELLO! I couldn't help but notice what outstanding plushies you make! You see my birthday is coming up and I really want a tapu koko plush, but I can't find one anywhere! Could I possibly commission you for one?
ArtesaniasIris Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi!!! Thank you very much!!! 

We can make it, but the thing is, when it's your birthday? You can send us a note to keep talking there if you want ^^
Wee-W0o Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
ah it's ok! Notes make me nervous. And you're welcome!!

My birthday is the 30th. Though it's ok if it will take longer if shipping or making it will take a while.
ArtesaniasIris Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Well, we prefer to talk about commissions in private ^^ So fi you prefer, we can talk with mails or some social network
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RayquazaGaby Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
Happy birthday. :D
ArtesaniasIris Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
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